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Missouri Rush was started in 2012 when two clubs (Avalon and Bino's) united together with the idea of bringing a new approach to St. Louis Soccer. Rush Soccer is the largest organized youth sports club in the world with partner clubs across the country. Rush Soccer is also international with partner clubs in several different countries. You can follow this link and look at all the Rush clubs in the world 

Locally, Rush has grown to be one of the three largest clubs in the area in just over three years. Our vision is to provide the most for the least to all our members.



We also have a program for the youngest ages (4-8 year olds) called the Youth Development Academy. This academy teaches kids the fundamentals of the game while making it a fun and enjoyable experience that they can carry with them into the competitive side of club soccer.











In 2016 Missouri Rush joined up with Former Gateway FC to provide exceptional training and player opportunities to players on the Illinois side of the river. Working together, we have created Gateway Rush. Gateway Rush will be the southern Illinois Rush chapter. Both Missouri Rush and Gateway Rush will have player pools with over 1,700 kids totaling 125 teams immediately. 








In 2017 Missouri Rush joined up with Wildwood Soccer Club to create Wildwood Rush. Wildwood's unique location and community feel made it an easy move. Wildwood Rush players will receive all the benefits Missouri Rush players receive and will still be able to maintain their location and identity. 











Nationally, Rush offers a network of players and opportunities for players to play across the country. Current players have played with other Rush players in several tournaments both locally and internationally. Rush's Select National program puts the best players across the country together to form Rush Select teams to compete in events like the PDT tournament, Desert Classic, Disney Showcase, as well as international trips to Italy, Spain, Germany, and Sweden. 


See our player's stories from their experiences with Rush Select National Teams HERE




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